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gertalia's Journal

Potato Bastard & Pasta-loving fool
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Germany/Italy, Axis Powers Hetalia, hetalia
At last. A community that is as epic as their love.

Ahem. Er. Welcome to a community for the epic yay that is Germany/N. Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia. Before you begin posting, please observe a few rules:

1. No ship/character bashing, flame wars or unfunnybusiness. Seriously, your moderator has a life, and sidetracking it with irritating spit fights is majorly uncool.
2. Please put all large images and fan fiction over 400 words under an LJ cut.
3. While R and NC-17 fic and art is welcome here, please lock posts with explicit sex or violence, put the content under a cut and label it NSFW (not safe for work). We don't want to get anyone in trouble.
4. Please note that the community is called Gertalia. Therefore, please make sure that any posts relate to Germany or N. Italy together or individually. Fics or art in which the two appear briefly are not permitted.
5. Your moderator accepts the theory that Holy Roman Empire = Chibi!Germany. Therefore, posts featuring Chibitalia and HRE are welcome here, too.
6. Please observe the following format when posting
7. Please do not repost fan art or fan fiction that is not yours or post icons of fan art that is not your own. Linking to other works you find is fine, but plagiarism ticks the mod off big time and will not be tolerated.

Your friendly moderator Chaser may be reached at kiss.me.kuei @ gmail dot com.

Dreamwidth users! Find us on DW at gertalia.dreamwidth.org.